As the network technology progresses, the system framework of equipment automation has gradually changed from the traditional centralized control (i.e., using the add-on card) to the distributed control.

Build Your EtherCAT Motion Control

NexECM is an EtherCAT master communication software that fully complies with EtherCAT communication protocols, including the data link layer and application layer.

Powerful EtherCAT Configuration Tool

NexECM Studio is a HMI for EtherCAT master controller, this is a original product made by NEXCOM, NexECM Studio can reduce development schedule with powerful function and provide rich visualize operation interface, include the following items...

Application Stories

Automatic Bending Machine

In traditional small-scale SMT bending workshops, manual operations may cause low efficiency and security issues. Due to the uncontrollability of manual operations, it is difficult to guarantee the quality and output of finished products. Labor management and quality control become a priority for customers.

Automatic Screw Fastening Machine

In traditional production lines, manufacturers use manual tools or semi-automated screwdrivers in screw assembly process. Problems such as screw slippage, screw skewing, substandard torque and screw floating are hard to avoid. In order to improve production quality and achieve high precision and efficiency, the screw fastening process needs to be strictly monitored.

Curtain Cutting Machine

NexCOBOT provides ECM-110F, an EtherCAT master controller, for the customer to build up an EtherCAT-based motion control system for their curtain cutting machine.

Cosmetic Box Assembly Line

Changing lifestyles and rising demands of skin and sun care products encourage the growth of the cosmetics market. Cosmetic box manufacturers are therefore asked to upgrade their facility and increase production output while minimizing overhead costs.