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NexCOBOT is committed to being your trustworthy partner in building open and modular intelligent robot control and motion control solutions. NexCOBOT provides key components for any robot systems, from industrial, collaborative application to specific task application.We have experience in robot controller for over 10 years. Our products are in-house designed by own R&D teams. Also, we provide high-quality after services with trustable FAE teams. With these core strengths, NexCOBOT aims to provide flexible open platforms for customers to get their robot system from concept to market faster!

NexCOBOT provides open EtherCAT-based intelligent solutions for industrial and educational robot applications. Its offerings include the modular components of a full-fledged industrial robot system, ranging from: controller platforms, robotic control and simulation software, teach pendants, control cabinets to robot bodies. As well as general robots, collaborative robots (cobots) are supported by NexCOBOT solutions’ advanced robotic control features and software. Robot gateways can allow data transfer from a robot system to an SQL database or Cloud.

NexCOBOT offers several intelligent robot solutions: there is NexROBA for education, which uses several robot packages for various educational purposes, making them ideal for makers and college courses. At the same time, the MiniBOT Robot is specially designed for workforce training and vocational training centers.

NexROBA, for industry, is an open and modular EtherCAT-based robot solution with development flexibility and expandability of the system to fit different application requirements. The solution supports a broad selection of industrial robots, such as 7-axis and 6-axis articulated robots, delta robots, SCARA robots, all of which can be enabled to operate collaboratively.

NexCOBOT’s machinery solutions comprise of EtherCAT motion control, CNC controller and gateway, and EtherCAT I/O System. Each of the product series is developed with state-of-the-art technologies to satisfy the changing demands for the IIoT market. NexCOBOT’s total robot and machinery solutions integrate NexCOBOT’s products and third-party solutions such as robot bodies, servo motors, control panels, machine vision, and control software with full compatibility tests.

NexCOBOT also provides quality services, such as customization, product training, direct technical support, and after-sales service, to ensure the success of your projects.

In addition to the above, the design manufacturing service-to market business model gives the NexCOBOT core competencies to build a strong world-class service network by providing customized service, global logistics, local access, and real-time support. Operating in subsidiaries, from China, Italy, Japan, Taiwan to the United States, NexCOBOT can better facilitate customers’ requirements as well as closely work with global partners in different regions.



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