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GRC Robot Controller, Gets Robots From Concept to Completion Faster

With countless uses of robots in different industries, robot makers are pushing to expand their customized service offerings. NexCOBOT provides robot makers and system builders with customized robot systems including robot controller GRC2 series, easy-to-use development toolkit NexMotion Studio, teach pendant UI NexTPUI and EtherCAT I/O NEIO series. NexCOBOT GRC brings faster robot development to enterprises that want to spend less time troubleshooting compatibility issues and shift their focus to value-added application development, so they can get their robot systems from concept to market in the shortest possible time.

NexCOBOT is your one-stop shop for embedded automation system

NexCOBOT specializes in customer-centered solutions, offering exceptional hardware and software products with unique features and a proven track record of success. Their extensive range of embedded automation systems includes models that seamlessly integrate graphics acceleration, supporting Linux or Windows based real-time operating systems. Notably, NexCOBOT employs HDBaseT technology for improved screen and data transmission efficiency, enhancing 3D graphics performance. Whether you require versatile industrial robots, AMRs, or safety controllers, NexCOBOT is your one-stop shop for embedded automation systems.