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CobotXtra invites you to sample our product ecosystem by selecting the best software and hardware for your robot developmental needs. We are more than a platform; we are an ecosystem around your design/products and share skills, expertise, and knowledge. We connect you with certified robots and peripherals, help you to integrate your configurations, and provide you standard and customized training courses. Join our CobotXtra ecosystem to simplify your robotic system automation and product/application development. Believing in reaching a win-win situation through collaboration, NexCOBOT puts forth SPP (Solution Partner Program) where NexCOBOT works with partners and helps clients construct open, modularized intelligent robot control and motion control solutions. Coupled with WSPP (WPI SI Partner Program) proposed by World Peace Industrial Group, NexCOBOT is able to create an “open, collaborative, win-win” eco-system with partners, providing clients with the optimal option.

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