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Pansonic MINAS A5B

Servo Drive

Advanced EtherCAT Servo Driver for High-Performance Motion Control



  • Frequency response: 2300 Hz

  • Supports network communication EtherCAT

  • High-Speed 100 Mbps

  • Real-time auto tuning function, Anti-vibration filters are available

High functions

  • EtherCAT with many supported applications [7 control modes, 32 hm methods, DC(Synch), SM2(Synch), FreeRUN (Non-synch)]

  • System-up possible with various slaves.

  • Supports PC-based controller.

  • A5BL(for Linear motor), A5MB(DC24 V, 48 V) are available


  • Smallest EtherCAT drive in market.

  • Supports pc setup software PANATERM


  • Official EtherCAT Conformance Test model available.※1

  • IEC safety I/F model available※2

    ※1 Except for DC24 V/DC48 V type.

    ※2 Supported by special specification. IEC61800-5-2 STO, IEC61508 SIL2.


System configuration example

EtherCAT specification

Item Specifications
Device profile CoECANOpen over EtherCAT
Control mode csp, pp, hm, csv, cst, pv, tq
hm method (homing mode) 1 to 14, 17 to 30, 33, 34, 35, 37
Synchronized mode DC (Synch.), SM2 (Synch.), FreeRun (Non-synch.)
Cycle time 250μs, 500μs, 1ms, 2ms, 4ms