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Servo Drive

Matched with DC brush motors with encoder or brushless EC motors with Hall sensors and encoder to 250 watts.


The MAXPOS 50/5 is a motion controller for highly dynamic applications and receives motion and I/O commands from the higher-level EtherCAT master controlling the process. The extremely fast controllers together with the diverse feedback options provide ideal conditions for operation in high-performance applications, raising the bar for precision and synchronization. The MAX-POS 50/5 supports CoE (CAN application layer over EtherCAT).

MAXPOS is a modular, digital positioning controller. It is suitable for permanent magnet-activated DC motors and brushless, electroni-cally commutated EC motors with incremental or absolute encoders with an operational range of up to 250 W continuous power.A wide range of operating modes allows flexible use in a variety of fields in drive systems, auto-mation, and mechatronics.


Electrical data

Operating voltage VCC

10 - 50 VDC

Logic supply voltage VC (optional)

10 - 50 VDC

Max. output voltage

0.95 x VCC

Max. output current Imax (<1.5 s)

15 A

Continuous output current Icont

5 A

Switching frequency of power stage

100 kHz

Sample rate of PI - current controller

100 kHz (10 ms)

Sample rate of PI - speed controller

10 kHz (100 ms)

Sample rate of PID - positioning control

10 kHz (100 ms)

Max. speed (DC) 

limited by max. speed (motor) and max. output voltage (controller)

Max. speed (EC; 1 pole pair)

200 000 rpm (sinusoidal)

Built-in motor choke per phase

22 μH / 10 A


Hall sensor signals

H1, H2, H3

Encoder signals

A, A\, B, B\, I, I\ (max. 5 MHz)

Sensor signals

A, A\, B, B\, I, I\, Clock+, Clock-, Data+, Data-

Digital inputs

6 (galvanically isolated)


Digital outputs

3 (galvanically isolated)

Encoder voltage output 

+5 VDC, max. 70 mA

Hall sensor voltage output

+5 VDC, max. 30 mA

Sensor voltage output

+5 VDC, max. 150 mA 

Auxiliary voltage output

+24 VDC, max. 300 mA when VCC > 30 VDC

VCC-5 V, max. 300 mA when VCC < 30 VDC



IEEE 802.3 100 Base T (100 Mbit/s, Full Duplex)

USB 2.0/3.0

Data+; Data- (full speed)


Axis Status

green LED, red LED

EtherCAT Status

green LED, red LED

EtherCAT Port Activity/Link State

green LED

Environmental conditions

Temperature – Operation


Temperature – Extended range

+45...+56°C; Derating: -0.455 A/°C

Temperature – Storage


Humidity (condensation not permitted)


Mechanical data


Approx. 302 g 

Dimensions (L x W x H)

140 x 103.5 x 27 mm


Flange for M4-screws