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Pansonic MINAS A6B

Servo Drive

Advanced EtherCAT Servo Driver for High-Performance Motion Control



  • Frequency response: 3200 Hz

  • Supports network communication EtherCAT

  • High-Speed 100 Mbps

  • Real-time auto tuning function, Anti-vibration filters are available

High functions

  • EtherCAT with many supported applications [7 control modes, 32 hm methods, DC(Synch), SM2(Synch), FreeRUN (Non-synch)]

  • System-up possible with various slaves including A5B Series.

  • Supports PC-based controller


  • Smallest EtherCAT drive in market.

  • Supports pc setup software PANATERM


  • Official EtherCAT Conformance Test model available.

  • Llinear motor model (A6BL, A6BM) are under development


System configuration example

EtherCAT specification

Item Specifications
Device profile CoE(CANOpen over EtherCAT)
Control mode csp, pp, hm, csv, cst, pv, tq
hm method (homing mode) 1 to 14, 17 to 30, 33, 34, 35, 37
Synchronized mode DC (Synch.), SM2 (Synch.), FreeRun (Non-synch.)
Cycle time 125μs, 250μs, 500μs, 1ms, 2ms, 4ms