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Curtain Cutting Machine

Application Summary

Modern curtains are made of artificial fabrics that come in the form of rolls with different width and length. To reduce work times and material waste, curtain cutting machines are made to cut curtains automatically with greater precision and productivity. As the size of curtains may be huge and the weight be heavy, the challenge of the machine is to move massive curtains in high speed without losing its precision.


NexCOBOT provides ECM-110F, an EtherCAT master controller, for the customer to build up an EtherCAT-based motion control system for their curtain cutting machine. NexCOBOT develops its own EtherCAT master communication that complies with all standard 3rd-party EtherCAT slaves with high performance. In total, there’re 50-point digital input/output points and 49 axes motors in the machine. While the communication and control access of the EtherCAT slaves are perfectly handled, the customer can focus on implementing their domain know-how on the controller.

System Architecture

Controller: NET355-ECM x 1

Motor: 3rd-party EtherCAT servo drive/motor x 49

I/O: NEIO-B1812 x 5

 solution system architecture


  • I/O and motor can be easily added/removed via EtherCAT communication

  • Precise cutting for large-size materials by using 30-axis synchronized motion control

  • Development time is shortened by testing and setting slaves in the powerful utility – NexMotion Studio