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MiniBOT Creates a New Era of Service – Robot Arm Making Turmeric Latte for Immunity Boost

Automatic coffee machines are increasingly common. In daily life, you can see automatic coffee machines whether in stores, malls or conference centers. However, in traditional use, you still need to rely on manpower to control coffee machines. NexCOBOT provides a robot automation solution and builds a robot automation coffee service system to provide smart coffee ordering services. By clicking the favorite coffee flavor on the touch screen, the smart coffee machine immediately makes coffee automatically, then the robot arm will bring the brewed coffee to the customer. From ordering to making, automated operation completely replaces manpower.

In addition to providing a complete automated service, NexCOBOT also provides a flexible user’s interface to customize drinks with different flavors. Studies have shown that turmeric has antioxidation, anti-inflammation, blood circulation improvement and cardiovascular disease prevention effects. NexCOBOT offers AI turmeric milk flavor to the ordering system to help combat the worldwide spread of COVID-19 and boost immunity. AI turmeric leverages IoT and smart farming technologies provided by Chunghwa Telecom and AgriTalk Tech to achieve high quality turmeric curcumin.

In this solution, MiniBOT optimizes the operation flow. It takes only one and a half minutes to make a cup of coffee. All devices communicate via network and can be monitored remotely. The solution can allow easy integration of facial recognition to recommend drinks to customers and third-party electronic payment platforms to analyze sales volume, which simplifies the customer experience while also making it more enjoyable.


• Robot arm improves service efficiency
• Flexible user’s interface, customers can set different flavors of drinks
• All devices communicate via network and can be monitored remotely
• Open architecture makes it easy to integrate third-party services