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Powerful EtherCAT Configuration Tool

NexECM Studio is a HMI for EtherCAT master controller, this is a original product made by NEXCOM, NexECM Studio can reduce development schedule with powerful function and provide rich visualize operation interface, include the following items:

  • Verification EtherCAT slave hardware configuration

  • Setting parameter for EtherCAT protocol

  • Setting parameter for EtherCAT slave

  • Control EtherCAT slave

In addition to the basic functions of EtherCAT master, NexECM Studio has more flexible and efficient feature function by the following five special highlights:

  1. Project function

NexECM Studio project function can save current configuration and allow user to continue editing by using an existing configuration, to reduce development schedule, NexECM Studio can also transplant project file to another x86 PC/IPC which is already install NexECM Studio.

Figure: The first step for using NexECM Studio: New/ Open Project


  1. EtherCAT protocol setting interface

EtherCAT protocol setting interface include the following control page: slave information page, slave control page, EtherCAT state machine control, Process Image page for read/ write Process data, Coe-SDO communication page and slave function test page…etc.

Figure: EtherCAT state machine control page
Figure: Read/ Write Process Image function page


  1. Friendly operation interface for CiA402

The CiA402 operation interface is a specially designed interface for the CiA402 protocol. Users can control the CiA402 state machine through the State Control area, monitoring the current state of CiA402 state machine from Status word area. User can also switch between different Operation mode (Index: 0x6060) and use NexECM Studio's exclusive control interface specially designed for each Operation mode to control and test the Servo drive.

The following picture is shown about CiA402 control page with Profile Position mode, you can get another Operation mode control page and more information at NexCOBOT Product Center website.

Figure: CiA402 control page with Profile Position mode


  1. Visualize control interface for DIO
NexECM Studio has a graphical DIO control interface to allow users to more intuitively get the online value of Digital Input. The Digital Output area has independent LED light for each bits of digital output, user can control the online value of Digital output by mouse click those LED light. Besides, this page provides marquee mode to test DIO module by click the "Cyclic" check box.

Figure: DIO module control page


  1. EtherCAT topology editor - Powerful offline editor function

NexECM Studio provides offline editor function to satisfy the user who wants to use NexECM Studio on any x86 PC/ IPC without EtherCAT slave or needless to communicate with the EtherCAT modules.

Figure: Offline edit process

Figure: Topology Editor

Please visiting the Product Center in NexCOBOT’s website, if you want to get more information for NexECM Studio.