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Build Your EtherCAT Motion Control

NexECM is an EtherCAT master communication software that fully complies with EtherCAT communication protocols, including the data link layer and application layer.

The figure below shows the comparison of the common communication protocols (such as HTTP, TCP/UDP, and IP) and the EtherCAT communication protocol in the OSI network model. The EtherCAT communication protocol in the OSI model mainly defines two layers: data link layer and application layer. The EtherCAT communication protocol used Ethernet in a physical layer so that we can use a general Ethernet cable to connect the network.

The comparison of EtherCAT and TCP/IP OSI network architecture

By using NexECM, you can easily communicate with EtherCAT slave modules such as EtherCAT servo drivers and EtherCAT I/O modules.

You can develop your own EtherCAT motion control functions under the real-time system, or you can develop the EtherCAT related application process under the Microsoft® Windows.

The system architecture of EtherCAT motion control

The main specifications of NexECM are as bellow:

Item Specification
 Maximum Cycle Time 250 us [250us, 500us, 1 ms, 2 ms, 4ms…] 
Maximum number of slave devices  64
 Support the ENI /ESI file?   Yes
Support CANopen over EtherCAT (CoE)    Yes 
Support distributed clock (DC)   Yes
Support file access over EtherCAT (FoE)   Yes
 Operating system  Microsoft® Windows:

Windows 7, WES7, Win10


TenAsys® INTime

IntervalZero® RTX 

NexECM provides a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) for all kinds of high-level programming language to use in the Windows operating system. In addition, NexECM provides C/C++ APIs for users to call directly in the real-time operating system (RTOS). The development environment is Microsoft® Visual Studio.

The programming method provided by NexECM

NexECM Programming Framework
NexCOBOT’s EtherCAT Master solution, enables a variety of motion control applications. Refer to the online manual for detailed programming methods.