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MiniBOT Training Packages

Current Robot Education Market

In the market there’re currently two kinds of robots used for education. One is LEGO-like robots that are very cheap, easy to manipulate, easy to learn. However, the operation of the robots is different from industrial robots in the factory, the design of the robots is different, and they cannot be used to perform real industrial tasks with high precision. The others are standard industrial robots. They’re good at the field, yet in robot education, they could be too expensive and their system may be too closed for academy users to do development other than operations of robots.

MiniBOT – The Right Robot for Education

MiniBOT is a series of educational EtherCAT-based robots designed by NexCOBOT. It is built based on the design concept of general industrial robots with useful features for education. Academy users can leverage MiniBOT Training Package to set up course easily as it also comes with training material reference which greatly save time and effort required for teachers.