Robotic Control Solution

The industrial robot controller software (NexGRC) of NexCOBOT is a pure software based on the PC-Based controller architecture, which can control the servo drive through an industrial fieldbus such as EtherCAT. NexGRC runs on a real-time operating system (RTOS), which can perform real-time calculations and send motion control commands to the servo driver. NexGRC also provides configuration software such as NexMotion Studio and teach pendant user interfaces such as TPUI and User-developed libraries such as NexGRC Windows API.

EtherCAT Motion Control Solution

NexMotion is a "PC-based industrial motion controller" solution. Through NexMotion controller, you can control various types of EtherCAT industrial I / O, multi-axis stepping or servo motors, and even various industrial robot arms such as XYZ Table, SCARA type, delta type and articulated type robot arms.

Application Stories

Reduce Complexity in Industrial Manufacturing

NexCOBOT technology that is purpose-built on Intel platforms and Amazon Web Services solutions helps reduce complexity in industrial manufacturing. It connects assets, harnesses data and turns information into near real-time insights for users' business needs.